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Back to School Rituals: Get Your Car and Family in Gear!

Photo by Moren on Unsplash


Remember the days of carrying your little one into the car, buckling them up, and checking their car seat three or four times before driving off? Even if your kids are old enough to buckle themselves in, there’s a lot of routine and ritual behind your driving. Your car is a means of getting to where you need to go, but we believe they’re much more than that here at Aurora AutoPros. 


The school year is beckoning, and we thought we’d make our favorite back-to-school rituals the driver of this month's blog. We've got some car-focused rituals that will have you and your kids cruising through the school year with ease!

1. Post Pick-up Gas Check: Fuel Up for Awesome Adventures!

Picture this: you've finally got all the kids in the car, it looks like you’ll make it right in time for the first bell, and just as you're about to embark on your grand adventure, you realize you're running on fumes. Your whole schedule is off as you pull into the closest gas station and prepare to have that talk with the school secretary. 

We’ve all been there. Make it a ritual to check your fuel gauge after pick-up each day or before heading home after work. Avoid those early morning gas station dashes and embrace the ease of having enough fuel to conquer the world (or at least the carpool lane) the next day.

2. Organize Sports Equipment: Dodge the Drama, Score Success!

Ah, the joys of after-school chaos. Avoid those frantic searches for missing cleats or forgotten bats by making it a ritual to stash all the necessary gear in your car on a Sunday afternoon or the night before. A little prep in advance means no more last-minute scrambles or double-timing back home for a forgotten baseball glove. 

3. Connect and Learn: Mind-Blowing Conversations and Rockin' Playlists!

Transform those car rides into a time to bond with your kiddos. Instead of settling for the standard "How was your day?" go all-in with questions that ignite their curiosity and truly help you understand their day-to-day. And when traffic congestion threatens to dampen the mood, pump up the jams with an awesome playlist or dive into the world of audiobooks. Engage their imaginations and make every mile an unforgettable journey!

4. Visit Aurora AutoPros!

What’s worse than waking up late and running behind? Running behind and finding that you have a Check Engine light on or a flat. Make it a ritual to visit us at Aurora AutoPros whenever you feel your car needs some service or maintenance. Getting your vehicle checked out before little issues become huge can help save you time and money in the long run!


If you need maintenance, please schedule an appointment with Aurora AutoPros as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon. Also, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and our social media channels; and see what engaging, entertaining, educational, and fun things we share with our community.


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