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Auto Preventative Maintenance in Aurora, CO

At Aurora AutoPros, we believe in the power of preventative maintenance! If you’re in the Aurora & Denver metro area, our auto mechanics can help prevent costly future auto repair jobs by customizing a plan to care for your car.

In this day and age, car owners understand the need for preventative maintenance in maintaining fuel efficiency and prolonging the life of their vehicles. But it can be hard to find an auto repair shop you can trust not just to perform preventative maintenance but also to help you prioritize and plan for all of your short and long-term auto repair needs. If you’re in the Aurora or Denver metro area, you’ll be glad to know that Aurora AutoPros has years of experience in preventative maintenance, and we have our clients’ best interests in mind. Our vision is to raise the bar for customer service in the auto repair industry by providing expertise combined with integrity in the Aurora and Denver metro areas. 

Our auto mechanics go above and beyond just a tuneup and provide a comprehensive inspection and computer diagnostic for your car. Terrain, vehicle type, and driving habits all play a part in how soon your parts need replacing, and fluids need to be exchanged. We get to know you and your car to customize a preventative maintenance plan that works for you. Our services include:

  • Fluid exchanges
  • Installing new spark plugs
  • Inspecting the brakes and rotors
  • Replacing filters-air, cabin, fuel, and oil
  • Switching out crankcase ventilation valve
  • Examining wiper blades and installing new ones, if needed
  • Checking gasket and adjusting valves

In addition, our Digital Vehicle Inspection may help us spot potential problems before they become costly repair work. Schedule an appointment to start your vehicle on a preventative maintenance plan at Aurora AutoPros today and you’ll soon be as satisfied as our client in the five-star review below: 

“I was recommended to this Autoshop by a family member, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Edgar and his staff were more than accommodating and made the experience feel nothing less than comfortable. I will definitely be doing more maintenance work here.” -- Connor B. 

If you’re in Aurora or the Denver metro area, start your preventative maintenance today with an auto repair shop that works to earn your trust! Bring it to the auto mechanics at Aurora AutoPros. Schedule an appointment today! Also, please follow us on Facebook and our social media channels and see what engaging, entertaining, educational, and fun things we share with our community. We are located at 231 Airport Blvd, Suite B, Aurora, CO 80011, and we're open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. More than repairs... we care!

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