Digital Inspection in Aurora, CO

Digital Inspection in Aurora, CO - Aurora AutoPros

Many people find themselves looking at a repair estimate and wondering, “Does my car REALLY need this service? How do I know they aren’t suggesting things I don’t need?!”

First of all, if you are questioning the integrity of your chosen shop, consider switching to one whose default actions demonstrate their trustworthiness. Second, ask questions about why each suggested service is necessary. A quality shop will have ready answers that will educate you so you can make an informed decision.

At Aurora AutoPros, we use BoltOn technology to send a Digital Inspection that provides a full vehicle health report. The Digital Inspection Report starts with a Summary of all the inspection points with color-coded ratings: Green – passed, Yellow – service needed soon that you should plan for, and Red – indicates an urgent repair that should be addressed right away.

After the Summary, what follows is a detailed explanation of each inspection point and includes any maintenance and safety concerns, as well as what services should be done with pictures, videos, technician notes and web links to more info.

This Digital Inspection allows you, the customer, see first-hand what is needed for the vehicle as if you are right there with the technician during the inspection! This helps you understand WHY the services are needed and to make informed decisions. Then we give you an estimate for the repairs, either by phone, email or text. Our service advisors are readily available to walk you through it. No repairs are done until we have your approval!

Once the car is ready for pickup, we’ll let you know via phone call or text, depending on your preference. You can pay online or at the shop, and if you need to pick up the vehicle outside of business hours, you can access your keys with a unique passcode to our secure lock box.

These are all things we do to ensure that maintaining your vehicle is as smooth as your ride!

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