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Water Pump Service in Aurora, CO

A water pump has an important job: it keeps coolant moving through the engine block, radiator, and hoses; coolant keeps your engine at an optimal operating temperature. Depending on the vehicle, the water pump is driven by either a serpentine belt, or a timing belt, from the crank shaft pulley.

Symptoms of a failing water pump:

  • Engine overheating
  • Steam coming from under the hood
  • A squeaking, ticking, or grinding noise while engine is running
  • A water leak from the pump often means that the shaft seal or the gasket has failed

Some water pumps have plastic impellers (rotating components) which can break.

For the water pump to stay in good condition, the engine coolant must have the correct amount of antifreeze to prevent the water freezing during cold weather seasons. The antifreeze acts as a rust inhibitor which prevents small particles from breaking off inside the engine and damaging the water pump’s parts. Coolant should be flushed and replaced about every 30,000 miles, though a good shop will test the coolant as part of a routine inspection.

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