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If you need automotive AC service and repair in Aurora & the Denver metro area, you're in need of someone you can trust and rely on to do the job right. Trust the auto mechanics at Aurora AutoPros for auto repairs and more.

Having a working air conditioning unit in a city with as many temperature fluctuations as Aurora & the Denver metro area is important. You can bake on an unusually hot spring day or freeze in an unexpected mid-Autumn snowfall. Automotive AC service and repair is not just a nicety; it's a necessity for keeping you and your passengers protected all year long. Automotive AC service and repair can be far more expensive than we plan for; it helps to have a trusted auto mechanic team with a certified auto repair garage.

That's where Aurora AutoPros and Edgar Leon come in! Edgar's vision as our Lead Technician has been to clean up the image of the auto mechanic in Aurora & the Denver metro area. Auto Mechanics have often been seen as condescending, rude, and sexist, but Edgar's goal is to develop positive stereotypes of the auto repair industry, one client at a time, throughout Aurora & the Denver metro area. At Aurora AutoPros, we repair domestic and Asian cars, SUVs, trucks, and fleet vehicles. We offer a digital vehicle inspection to fully evaluate your car both in its immediate needs and in your long-term considerations with every service. We send the evidence we gather (as photographs and video) directly to your phone or email, giving you everything you need to research and validate our findings. We won’t make a recommendation unless we can show you why it’s needed. We're always happy to help educate car owners who value personalized service and attention. With 30 years in the auto repair industry, our team carefully and thoroughly manages even the toughest of repairs. And you can trust our TechNet warranty to cover you on the road, with a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide warranty behind our work.

"Aurora AutoPros is an outstanding place to service your vehicle. I came here initially to get an opinion on an AC issue, and they were very objective and knowledgeable in their assessment. I ended up holding off on the AC repair until I couldn't stand the heat. I didn't feel like they treated me differently when I told them I didn't want them to do the work, like so many other places I've been. Their prices are reasonable, and I will be coming here with both of my vehicles moving forward. Thanks for a great experience, Aurora AutoPros!!!" -- Justin B.

When you need automotive AC service and repair in Aurora & the Denver metro area, bring your vehicle to the auto mechanics at Aurora AutoPros for work you can count on. Please schedule an appointment with Aurora AutoPros today. Also, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and our social media channels and see what engaging, entertaining, educational, and fun things we share with our community. We are located at 231 Airport Blvd, Suite B, Aurora, CO 80011, and we're open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. More than repairs... we care!

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