Air Conditioning: 2 Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Service

As Colorado temperatures rise, drivers will be eager to crank the A/C for a cool, comfortable ride. Some of those drivers will be furrowing their brows, wondering why the air is not getting very cool or taking a long time to cool. Signs that the A/C needs serviced are:

Warm air blowing from the a/c vent

Warm air blowing means the A/C system is not operating correctly. Air-conditioning systems are sealed circuits, and any loss of cooling ability calls for an inspection of the entire system. The cause could be due low freon level due to a leak somewhere or a component has failed, like the A/C compressor or the cooling fan.

An engine running hotter than normal can also affect the performance of the A/C system. (This is another reason you should get your vehicle inspected at regular intervals!)

Unusual grinding noises from under the hood

Unusual noises under the hood could indicate A/C compressor is going to break. If a compressor fails, it is a more expensive repair because you will likely need to replace additional parts and to flush the system of any debris from the broken a/c compressor. If debris were to remain in the system, it would damage the compressor motor – NOT cool, literally and figuratively!

Also, be sure to regularly replace the cabin air filter. If clogged, it can impede cool air flow into the cabin.

Yes, summers tend to be hot around here. But don’t sweat it! Have your A/C inspected and repaired and enjoy the season!


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