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Starting Fresh for the New Year

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


As the calendar turns to the new year, we usually see many people making resolutions to improve the quality of their lives. “New Year, New Me” is an annual concept as people begin working on their resumes, starting diets, exercising, or putting down their cigarettes.


Some themes revolve around trimming down, especially waistlines and budgets. People change a minor factor in their lives and watch it have a ripple effect of positive outcomes if they can just hang on long enough to their resolution.


For some, it’s a more significant change. They’re embracing the kind of person they’d like to be, emulating a hero. They are working to be their idealized version of themselves, striving to be a better, more dynamic identity. They might make a side-by-side comparison of the similarities of establishing healthy habits, eating, and budgetary habits, looking to change all three at once.


For yet others, it’s about tidying the unkempt corners of their lives. It’s cleaning the home up after the holidays, putting things back “in order” and with no purpose. Those who don’t restrain their own spending might be getting a set of financial books and making a total budget as a family, working out how to put money towards pleasures and vacations that are ahead. 


Whatever your New Year, New You aspirations are this year, remember that your car can’t do it alone. It doesn’t have the means to fix itself. As tax season rolls around and you consider what to do with your return, ask yourself how long you’d like to keep your current car-- or in what condition you would like to sell it when you eventually trade up. To get the most out of your vehicle, remember to put something back in– fluid exchanges and regular maintenance are excellent ways to ensure that your car lasts through the years.

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