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Welcome to Aurora AutoPros’ blog! We post at least one new entry per month, usually concerned with some aspect of auto repair. As our auto mechanics encounter new issues and challenges, we pass on what we’ve learned to our customers. Our topics range from tips for driving to advice on dealing with weather changes to happenings and events in Aurora & the Denver metro area.

Let’s Talk Budgets (and An Easy Way to Stretch Funds)!

In an ideal world, we have steady income, along with a solid budget and responsible lifestyle to fit that budget. The budget includes money for scheduled maintenance and repairs. But no one is perfect and things aren't always ideal. There are months that we go over budget, we encounter unexpected expenses, and we just adjust. One expense that all car owners have is scheduled maintenance - oil changes, fluid flushes, filters, belts, hoses, etc, - based on the manufacturer recommendations. Most of our customers plan for the expense but no one relishes paying for maintenance. It is just a necessary cost we incur to enjoy the freedom and access our vehicles provide.

But our customers have a way to build up credit towards service! We offer $50 Referral Credit for EVERY NEW CUSTOMER sent our way. No limits! Referral credit can be used on any services we offer!

Example: Jane loves our customer service and professionalism. She tells her neighbor, Sam, and gives him a certificate (one on which she has added her own name). Sam decides to schedule an oil change to test us out. When Sam gives us the Referral Coupon with Jane’s name, we immediately make a note in Jane’s account for $50 credit on her next visit. PLUS Sam gets a discount on his oil change, which Sam likes almost as much as he likes our service, which means he and his neighbor are even better friends and perhaps one day Sam will feel comfortable to ask Jane when he needs to borrow some eggs and…… I digress. Bottom line: our customers can save big money by merely helping to spread the word about Aurora AutoPros. Word of mouth from happy customers is the BEST WAY to grow our business and referral credit is one way to show our appreciation. So click here to print your own Customer Referral Coupon or pop in and snag one from Sharon or Jose, our helpful Service Advisors!

Budget Tip: We aren’t the only business that rewards referrals! As you support other small businesses, ask if they, too, have a referral program! Maybe soon you’ll be getting free haircuts and car repairs and then have more funds to spend in FUN ways or reach your savings goals faster!


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