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January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year | Aurora AutoPros
​Maybe DON'T with the New Year Resolutions...Here's why!
by Reneé Leon

If you read to the bottom of each monthly newsletter, you’ll always find a cheesy joke. This year, I came across this joke that made me pause (still read to the end for the ACTUAL cheesy joke of the month):
How can you be more efficient with New Year’s Resolutions?
Make a copy of your list so you can pull it out again next year!
This made me pause because it is often accurate. A dear friend (that’s you, Sarah) pointed out that the better time to assert oneself and make change is in the Spring or Fall. She cited that January is typically COLD (at least in our state) with fewer hours of daylight; lack of sunlight affects human moods (ever heard of Seasonal Affected Disorder?) while snow makes everything harder. The most common Resolutions are about improving diet, exercise, and productivity – all things made harder by the lack of sunlight and frigid temperatures.
I certainly don’t intend to be a downer nor to disparage anyone’s Resolutions; I merely want to remind everyone that self-improvement need not be limited to January! The holidays are usually hectic, plus year-end responsibilities can be exhausting. IDEA: this January, give yourself time to recover and get back on track. THEN gently consider how you want your year to go, what types of habits you’d like to build, and taking the initial steps to get there.
Of course, your vehicle is one of the most important tools for GO-ING anywhere! Keep it ready and able by staying up to date on maintenance. 😊 You know how to find us!
This is a SAVE THE DATE announcement for Saturday, April 1st, 2023.

This year we will resume our Customer Appreciation Event and it happens to be on our ACTUAL 10 Year shop anniversary!!! For those who are new-ish to Aurora AutoPros, in pre-COVID times we held an annual event complete with give-a-way prizes and incredible pupusas (traditional Salvadoran fare). We love inviting our customers to have lunch on us and they always rave about the food! I’ll be including more details in the upcoming months but do mark your calendars for Saturday, April 1st (it’s no joke)!



Happy New Year Oil Change Special
Oil Change, Filter and Lube with Free Brake Inspection, Tire Rotation, and Multi Point Courtesy Inspection
Multi Point Courtesy Inspection includes:
  • checking battery
  • belts & hoses
  • brake fluid
  • exterior lights
  • power steering fluid
  • radiator
  • struts
  • tire pressure and wear
  • top off coolant and washer fluid
Only $34.99 ($54.99 for full synthetic)
* By appointment only. Expect 60-90 minutes for service; vehicle drop off is recommended.
* Up to 5 quarts, Most vehicles  – see store for details.
And always check the website for monthly coupons!

The City of Aurora is hosting an Electronics Recycling Event!

When: January 7th, 2023 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Where: Techno Rescue, 3251 Lewiston St., Suite 10
During event dates, the facility will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

2023 Event Pricing
$5 car/individual for small load (one standard grocery bag)
$10 car/individual for large load (any load greater than one grocery bag)

Additional Charges (subject to change):
$5 each LCD Monitors
$30 each TVs & CRT Monitors (32 inches and under) AND all sizes of flat screen TVs
$40 each Floor Model Printers
$50 each TVs & CRT Monitors (33 inches and up)
$100 each Projection, DLP and Console TVs

Cash or credit/debit card is preferred as payment. Please contact Techno Rescue for more information. Prices are subject to change.

CRT TVs with exposed and/or broken tubes will not be accepted, nor will appliances that contain refrigerant or coolant. Batteries, light bulbs, thermostats, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors also will not be accepted. For a complete list of items that will not be accepted, visit AuroraGov.org/Recycle and go to Recycling Opportunities, then Electronics Recycling.

Techno Rescue, which is certified for electronics recycling and data destruction, wipes and physically destroys all data storage media to protect the identities of those who are recycling responsibly.
As a reminder, electronics tossed in the trash not only cause serious environmental problems, but also are banned from landfills in Colorado. The city of Aurora’s e-cycling events are supported by Environment Aurora, a citywide effort to think green. For more information, visit AuroraGov.org/Recycle.

"Wife's Jeep was cold and ran like crap, Auto Pros got the jeep warm and running like a top. Wife is Happy, Life is good! Thanks Auto Pros!"
Troy R
"As always, I take my vehicles here for work to be done. They are always courteous, professional in their assessment of what is an issue with the vehicle without padding the problems to create a larger bill. Fairly priced for the work and parts being worked on."
James P.


Big thanks to these folks who have sent us referrals and will each have $50 credit for their next service!
     Rickard Brown
     Grover Watson (2 new referrals!)
     Ann Southam
     Dana Oboye
     Juli Mohr
What do mountains wear to keep warm? Snowcaps | Aurora AutoPros


Get your paint and creativity going in January, the perfect outlet after the harried holidays. And Aurora has a fun social spot: Painting with a Twist. No creative or artistic skills are needed. Painting with a Twist is all about connecting with friends over a glass of wine, your favorite snacks and a night of laughs. Oh, and you’ll also learn how to paint!


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