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Celebrate Mother's Day with a Gift of Comfort from Aurora AutoPros: Air Conditioning Services for a Cooler Summer

Photo by Nima Sarram on Unsplash

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Gift of Comfort from Aurora AutoPros: Air Conditioning Services for a Cooler Summer

Air conditioning: in our experience, it’s one of those things that customers ignore until they genuinely can’t anymore.


Mother's Day is almost here, and what better way to show your mom how much you care than by giving her the gift of a comfortable ride? In Colorado traffic, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot vehicle with hot air pouring out of your vents. At one point, it may even become a safety issue! As the weather heats up in Aurora, ensure your mom stays cool and refreshed with reliable air conditioning from Aurora AutoPros.


And if you’re ready for your air condition services, don’t forget to check out our specials page. We may have a surprise for you! 

Common Air Conditioning Needs In Aurora

Your engine, brakes, and tires are all essential components of your vehicle that require immediate intention when not working–but the air conditioning in your vehicle is pretty important, too! Below, we list some of the most common issues we find in vehicles.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels are one of the vehicles' most common issues with A/C systems. This can be caused by leaks, which can occur in several places, including compressors, hoses, or fittings. Symptoms of low refrigerant levels include warm air coming from the vents and hissing or bubbling sounds from the A/C system. The leak must be located and repaired to fix this issue, and the refrigerant level should be topped up.

Clogged Condenser

The condenser removes heat from the refrigerant and releases it into the outside air. Over time, the condenser can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, reducing its ability to cool the refrigerant. Symptoms of a clogged condenser include reduced cooling capacity, warm air coming from the vents, and the A/C system cycling on and off more frequently. To fix this issue, the condenser should be cleaned or replaced.

Broken Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the A/C system and is responsible for pressuring and circulating the refrigerant. If the compressor fails, the A/C system will not function properly. Symptoms of a broken compressor include strange noises, such as grinding or squealing, and warm air coming from the vents. To fix this issue, the compressor must be replaced.

Electrical Problems

A complex network of electrical components, including fuses, relays, switches, and sensors, controls the A/C system in vehicles. If these components fail, the A/C system may not function properly. Symptoms of electrical problems include the A/C system not turning on at all or turning on and off sporadically. The faulty electrical component must be identified and replaced to fix this issue.

Mold and Mildew

If the A/C system in a vehicle is not used regularly, moisture can build up inside the system, providing an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. This can cause unpleasant odors and reduce the effectiveness of the A/C system. Symptoms of mold and mildew include a musty smell coming from the vents. To fix this issue, the A/C system should be cleaned and disinfected.

Our Air Conditioning Services

At Aurora AutoPros, we offer air conditioning services to keep your mom's vehicle running smoothly. Our air conditioning services include thoroughly inspecting the air conditioning system for leaks, inspecting belts and hoses, assessing the performance of the A/C compressor, and any other A/C components. Our skilled technicians can also diagnose and repair any issues your mom's air conditioning system may be experiencing, from minor leaks to major system failures. 

Schedule Air Conditioning Service Today!

Give your mom the gift of comfort and convenience this Mother's Day with air conditioning services from Aurora AutoPros. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. Don't let your mom suffer in a hot, stuffy car this summer – choose Aurora AutoPros for all her air conditioning needs. 


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