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Monthly Archives: March 2021

How Getting a Driver's License in Colorado Has Changed During the Pandemic

How Getting a Driver's License in Colorado Has Changed During the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused many areas of life to look and function quite differently than they did before 2020. One of the organizations that has been hit the hardest during the pandemic is the DMV. Locations across the country shut down at the beginning of last spring, and while most have reopened, they are generally operating under an appointment-only basis in order to keep social distancing intact. As you might expect, being shut down for months caused a long backlog of appointments, which means the current state of visiting the DMV is still far from normal. This state of affairs has left young aspiring drivers who are eager to take all of the steps necessary to get their licenses, as well as seasoned drivers looking to renew theirs, unsure of how to proceed. While each individual DMV location will vary slightly in how it’s moving forward, here are a few general and Colorado-specific things to keep in mind during this chaotic time: Expect Long Wait Times for a DMV Appointment o ... read more


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