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Monthly Archives: April 2022

Happy Anniversary to Aurora AutoPros!

Happy Anniversary to Aurora AutoPros!

This month marks the ninth anniversary of Aurora AutoPros! It’s amazing how time has gone by so quickly. One moment we were juggling the kids and scheduling oil changes, and the next, we’re talking about how to expand at the proper rate to satisfy our ever-growing customer base! Aurora, thanks for putting your trust in our business over the past nine years. We’ve done our best to create a culture of excellence in customer service and auto repair in our shop, and we hope we’ve always given you the respect, attention, and service you and your vehicle need. We hope you’re our customer for life– or, soon will be!   April is National Car Care Month. We hope you’ll take advantage of the occasion to come see us for any maintenance you may need. If you tend to bring your car in only when there’s an identifiable grievance or issue, we hope you’ll come in and let us explain the importance of Preventive Maintenance, and what it can do f ... read more


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