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Welcome to Aurora AutoPros’ blog! We post at least one new entry per month, usually concerned with some aspect of auto repair. As our auto mechanics encounter new issues and challenges, we pass on what we’ve learned to our customers. Our topics range from tips for driving to advice on dealing with weather changes to happenings and events in Aurora & the Denver metro area.

Air conditioning can make or break a road trip!

Air conditioning becomes a BIG priority when we start reaching 80-90 degree days. If you are sweating on your commute or are planning a road trip, be sure that the a/c is performing at its best. Serpentine belt, cooling system, a/c compressor performance, freon levels, leaks, and even dirty cabin air filters are all factors in ensuring maximum comfort on a hot day. (Side note: if your engine is overheating, it will affect the efficiency of the air conditioning.) Watch this videoto learn a bit more about the diagnostic process and how testing various components helps to ensure you keep cool all summer long. 

If you aren't sure about your a/c and if it's in travel-ready condition, bring it to Aurora AutoPros and our certified technicians will do an inspection that includes the following:

  • Check the temperature of the air blowing through the vents
  • Check the system pressure
  • Leaks
  • Compressor performance
  • Check belts, hoses, cabin air filter, and other components

While you're there, consider having a full, pre-trip inspection (recommended by the Car Care Council) just to ensure that you're plans won't be derailed. Depending on what our technicians find, the Service Advisor will explain what needs to be done to fix the A/C and provide an estimate for any repairs. Our team will ensure that you are able to “chill out” during hot weather drives! 



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