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5 Tips To Make Your Windshield Wipers Last Longer and Work Better

Windshield wipers are the helpful driving tools we rarely think about until they are really needed. They are also frustrating if not working well! Typically, wipers can last from 6 months up to a year. You’ll know they need to be replaced when they aren’t clearing well - they skip, streak, squeak, or smear – and are impairing visibility, rather than making it better. To help your windshield wipers last longer, consider the following:

  1. Regularly wash your car. Or at least your windshield! This will reduce the amount of grit that adheres to your wiper blades and causes them to deteriorate faster.
  2. Consider washing your wipers on occasion. As you use them, your wipers blades are collecting some of the grime that they are wiping away. You can wash the rubber blades and help prolong their usefulness! Like anything, if you build a routine (like the 1st of every month) it is easier to remember to do it!
  3. Never operate your windshield wipers on a dry windshield.
  4. Try to park out of the sun; the sun dries them out faster.
  5. And lastly, in winter, take the time to lift your windshield wipers out of the way while scraping. Even better, if it’s snowing or freezing temperatures, lift the wipers while you’re parked outside. This will prevent the rubber from freezing to the windshield and tearing when you try to lift them or use them.

A good time to check and clean your windshield and the wipers is when you get gas. Another good time is when you get your oil changes! And should you discover your windshield wipers aren't performing well, we keep them in stock at Aurora AutoPros. Or they are easily found at any parts store.


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