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August Newsletter 2023

How to Maintain a Clean, Organized Car Interior During the School Year: 5 Simple Tips

by: Renee' Leon

August marks the start of school for a lot of Colorado schools and with it comes the need to haul more SCHTUFF. Books, folders, bags, and food need to be remembered and available. Students/parents/teachers need to be on time prepared. As the school year progresses, having a chaotic commute vehicle can be unpleasant and unhelpful. Here are 5 SIMPLE TIPS for maintaining a clean and organized car interior during the school year:

1) Stash the Trash
Keep an easy-to-access trash bag (ideally reusable) in your vehicle and empty it regularly. If we eat in the car, everyone must pack out their trash and as much of the dropped morsels as possible. Don't do it later. Your nose will thank you. If you have little kids, you can consider a weekly car clean up contest! The person who picks up the most trash/treasures WINS! Plus vacuums are fun for some littles...

2) Junk in the Trunk (Okay you likely don’t carry junk, but I do love rhymes!)
Using a box or bin in your trunk provides a home for your gear and helps you find what you need or notice it is missing before you leave! Placing items in dedicated spots in your center console and/or trunk bins will keep order and avoid the need to frantically search under and between seats!

3) Planning 
Consider what you’ll need for your day or week and prep those items ahead of time. As a busy mom with ever shifting work hours, I’ve been thankful for my trusty health kit in my glove box. Items in my car health kit are hand sanitizer, lotion, glasses cleaning cloth, Tums (for any upset tummies), motion sickness meds, ibuprofen, band-aids, mini nail file, tweezers, and tampons! This is also what I throw into my carryon bag when I travel by air! As a result, I’ve “saved the day” many times!

4) Powered Up!
Our devices are needed more and more for work, pleasure, and safety. I keep a dedicated phone charger in the car. Should I or a passenger need internal power, I keep an emergency snack in the center console. It must be something that won’t melt or spoil, so it is often a package of nuts or a granola bar. Emergency car snacks have also kept me from impulsively making poor food/financial choices at the many drive-thru options I pass!

5) Towels are Terrific!
Keep a small microfiber cloth somewhere within reach of the driver’s seat. They help soak up spills, clean sunglasses, and are great for a quick dusting of the dash when the need to REALLY clean your car starts to press on you. Just a quick dust of the various screens and along the dash will help keep you sane until you carve out time to do it right. CAVEAT: this works well for me but don’t ask Edgar about this. His standards are WAYYYY higher than mine! Also, a big towel in the trunk has been helpful for hot seats, sharp doggie claws, and impromptu park outings.

I hope these 5 tips can help keep you relaxed on your many school year drives! If you’re reading this, you should also be getting emails about scheduled maintenance with us. Scheduling maintenance is another HUGE organization tip for keeping your vehicle, and your life, running as smooth as possible. 


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